All the wonderful benefits of fiber may not be so wonderful all of the time. During an IBD flare, fiber can be very filling (too filling for some people, causing nausea) and the roughage of fresh fruit and vegetable can be almost scratch-like across sore surfaces of the intestine. The fiber can also block up narrowed areas.

If you are having bloating, diarrhea and pain, you  may want to avoid or lower your fiber until your symptoms improve.

That means:

  • No raw and thick vegetables (broccoli, kale, and cauliflower, for example)
  • No apple peels, orange slices, or raw fruits
  • Substitute well-cooked or pureed fruits and vegetables (applesauce consistency)
  • Avoid popcorn and nuts
  • White bread and white flour instead of whole grain
  • White rice instead of brown rice
  • Avoid tough and chewy meat (not fiber, but the same idea)
  • Dairy products can cause discomfort and may not be well absorbed, so you may find that avoiding them helps

Following this diet won't bring you back into remission, but it may help you feel better and avoid the symptoms that are causing their own problems.

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